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Select Projects

14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You - Valentine’s cards for economists. Featured in or by The Economist, The Financial Times, The Freakonomics Blog, and Marginal Revolution.

Get Hired - Tips for acing a job interview, in charts. Featured in or by Life Hacker, Der Spiegel, CNBC, and NPR’s Marketplace.

Out of the Office - A comic series that lovingly pokes fun at the tech industry. Featured by CNNMoney, Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen, and Business Insider.

Portrait of the Young Grad as an Analyst - A series of charts depicting life as a young consultant. Featured by The Freakonomics Blog.

My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired - 12 illustrations that open the each chapter of the book. My Morning Routine was chosen as one of Amazon’s Best Business Books of 2018 and FastCompany’s Best Business Books of 2018.

Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO - 40 illustrations that bring the ideas of the book to life. Illustrations continue to be used in presentations and classes given by author Fred Cook, Chairman of Golin and director of the USC Center for Public Relations.

Salesforce Campaigns - Illustrated marketing campaigns for Salesforce’s Industries, Customer Service, AI, and Service Cloud teams. Featured at two executive retreats and published on the Salesforce blog and on Business Insider (the comics have been viewed a cumulative 150k+ times).